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*If you want only the big shots that have the view of the entire alum, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

**To save the pictures, right click the image and hit "Save Image As". All the first pictures are the original shots, the second or thirds are darkened, lightened, or circled to make the figure more visible.

So here they are:

This is the figure that was first seen, on the second alum (Sorry, it's hard to see this one because of the lighting):

This first figure is one of the bigger figures that appeared on the first alam. In the second, I've darkened the focused area a little to make it clearer.

This face appeared on the alam closest to the wall. In the second image, I've lightened the edges to emphasize the figure


When I took a picture of that same alum a little later, surprisingly, the face had changed to form this one (it covers the entire alum):

Then I turned the picture of this alam to the LEFT and noticed multiple faces in it:

The same alam turned over to the RIGHT shows this figure. It's a side view of a young man with a beautiful black imama and a black beard, looking downwards to a barchee (spear) in his chest. You can only see one side of his face, so only one eye is visible. It's a little hard to see at first, but once you see it, you won't be able to stop looking at it. I've darkened and circled it to make it more visible:

*The spear comes down from the top right corner of the picture, to the bottom left corner, right under the man's chin. His head is bent downwards as if it was forced down from the pressure of the spear.

In this next picture, if you look closely you can see a man holding a baby in his arms. His head is a little bent forwards and his white beard is hanging over his chest. Beside his beard you can see the entire shape of the baby:

In this one you can see an older man (left) with a long black beard and a black amama sitting down. Standing across from him (right) is a boy. The older man has his hands up as if he's presenting the boy with something. Since the original picture is too light, I darkened it a bit to make it a little more clear. In the third picture I've circled the older and younger mens' faces, and the older man's arms:

This last picture is the hardest to see because it is so faded, but if you can see it, it's worth it. It's a beautiful side view of a man with a pathan-like amama coming down to his shoulders, and it flowing into the beard on his face:

----------------------------------------   Here are the full pictures------------- ---------------------